Awaken your senses with the taste of The Lost Alaskan's handcrafted coffee, brewed to perfection and crafted with love. Indulge in a journey that will transport you to the misty mountains of Alaska.

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Andes mint matcha latte with chocolate sweet foam!

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In the Red Trailer, 232 Main St, Kaysville, UT 84037, USA

Proudly Serving Raven's Brew Coffee

Raven's Brew Coffee

The Lost Alaskan is a proud partner of Raven's Brew Coffee.

Long ago, far away, in a seascape of countless islands shrouded in mist and robed in dense forests, Raven’s Brew Coffee came into being. This place was the legendary Alexander Archipelago, also known as Southeast Alaska. The exact locale was the small and isolated town of Ketchikan, the rainiest inhabited place in North America.